TRUEFORM: Running Workshop



This  2hr workshop is designed to improve basic running technique. By the end of the course you will understand:

  • The fundamental elements of running

  • The most efficient running form 

  • The most common running faults

  • How to conduct a basic gait assessment

Begin implementing the principles presented in the course immediately and reach your goal of becoming a more efficient, stronger and injury free runner.  

This course is an excellent foundation for TrueForm Running 2.0. It is highly recommended that participants complete the 2hr of 1 day seminar before attending the Healthy Running Conference.

Contact TrueForm Runner today to schedule a seminar at your facility.  

HealthFit University: Healthy Running Conference  

This intensive 2 Day conference is focuses on building a better balanced, fat-burning, energized body for optimal performance. Lead by, world renowned endurance coach, Dr.Phil Maffetone and Dr. Mark Cucuzella of Natural Running. 

HealthFit U is for medical and fitness professionals focuses on the energetics of running, running skill, injury evaluation and treatment, and nutrition for health and performance. Content is evidence based with numerous case scenarios, active drills and exercise, and practical workshops to apply concepts.


     • Certifies coaches endurance, strength, health & corporate wellness

     • Certifies health practitioners

     • Continuing education credits

     • Helps all people seeking better health & fitness


with Tim Montgomery  


Train with one of the fastest men in world. Learn the finer points of sprinting technique for the 40, 100, 200 and 400 with practice drills, training sessions, technical advice, and strength training. Training is for professional, college, and high school sports teams.

  • Speed Training Skills

  • Linear Acceleration 

  • Lateral Acceleration

  • Linear Change of Direction 

  • Deceleration, Reacceleration 

  • Sprinting and Top End Speed

  • Corrective Speed Strategies

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