August 18, 2017

Tim Paulson - CrossFit Pallas, Ithaca, NY. 

1. Well first of all, congratulations on successfully competing at the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games. You placed 20th in the final overall standings. What are a few of the feelings that stand out the most for you from the competition, as well as now, after having time to reflect?


Tim: Honestly, the biggest one is just how incredible competing at the Crossfit Games is. The fans, the atmosphere, and the other athletes you’re with – it’s truly an experience unlike any other. Getting to experience that again in itself is another thing to add to the list of motivations to make it back next year. I also learned so much about myself as an athlete, both mentally and physically. I had a great mental weekend – I started off quite poorly, but kept my head in the right space and was able to fight back to a solid finish. Physically, we have lots to work on for next year.

2. The question everybody in the sports world has been asking...who wins McGregor or Mayweather?


Tim: I’m Irish, and I hope to hell McGregor wins.

3. Perhaps more than any other elite level CrossFit athlete, I see the TrueForm Runner being utilized in your programming. What led you to decide on incorporating its use and do you feel now that it was the right decision for your training?



Tim: 1,000%. The initial spur was its appearance at Regionals a few years ago. It kicked my ass and I knew I needed to train on it, and implement it more to get better. I had no idea how much it would actually improve my running, both on the TrueForm and on the road. It has allowed me to run year round, and the benefit of running (by itself) and on the rest of your fitness is just too good to stop doing in the winter months (Ithaca winters kind of suck for running). Add to it that I feel like it has helped improve my running technique JUST by being on it, and it’s a win win win. Plus, running on the trueform is harder than on the road or any other treadmill.


4. I only know TREXPAULSON that I see on Instagram; the seemingly super fit headband rockin is-he-a-ginger-that-gets-no-credit-for-an-awesome-red-beard(?) side of the Tim Paulson . Who is Tim Paulson beyond the Instagram?


Tim: Haha. I’m a pretty simple guy. I love to spend time with my wife and my dog (Australian Cattle Dog, Echo) doing literally anything – hiking, hanging out, traveling. I just love ‘em. I also really enjoy reading a variety of subjects (history, philosophy, and high fantasy stand out). Other than that, I am an affiliate owner full time, so I spend my days coaching and putting a lot of my energy into trying to better others, and I truly love that aspect of my life.

5. How many headbands do you have?


Tim: After the Games…I have to have 25. At least. They are my favorite accessory to every outfit.

6. In regards to programming your training in seasons to come, how will you utilize the TrueForm Runner differently or will you not?


Tim: Honestly, we use it at least once a week year round already, and as the weather turns, it will be incorporated 2-3x a week into my training. The other great part of the TrueForm to me is that it’s significantly less impact on my joints than running on the road, so it allows me to handle more volume...aka more gains.

7. The degrees of separation between who qualifies and who doesn’t at the CrossFit Games Regional level continues to get smaller and smaller. In regards to training up to Regionals this year, how did you decide on your training?


Tim: My coach is a badass named Dave Charbonneau, and I trust his vision completely. We talk regularly and I give my input on things I think I need to work on, things we might see, etc, but he does a great job of foreseeing things to come in Crossfit. As my overall fitness improves, and the Open becomes less of a focal point, we can focus more attention year round on odd object movements and Games style movements. That approach definitely helped when the ‘one dumbbell only’ regionals reared their head, because we had been doing a lot of unilateral work. In 2018 that will be more true than ever before.

8. What would you say to someone who thinks the TrueForm Runner is just a treadmill that does not belong in functional fitness because you can just run on the ground?


Tim: This person probably doesn’t view running as a skill that needs to be practiced, analyzed, and refined – just like they do for their snatch, and the trueform can be a huge tool in doing that. Especially if you train alone like me, and don’t always have eyes on you – the trueform is a corrective tool and a great ‘coach’.


9. Where does food rank in the life of Tim Paulson? And what are some of your go to meals?


Tim: Food…oh man do I love food. And coffee. And local beer. My wife and I go out and try to eat/drink local every weekend – it’s a ritual of ours. Food culture in Ithaca is big with lots of farms around supplying local ingredients, so it’s a real treat. I’m also lucky enough to be on board with Paleo Power Meals, so food prep is a thing of the past. Their food is incredibly delicious, and a real treat that I always look forward to after training sessions. Just bland chicken and rice again? NOPE. Not for this guy!

10. After experiencing the Games, does anything change in how you decide on training in the season to come, and what components of your fitness did the Games expose as weaknesses?


Tim: We are training ‘Games style’ year round now. Swimming twice a week, lots of aerobic volume,  focusing on weaknesses that were exposed at the Regional and Games levels. We will never, ever look past Regionals – they are easily the most stressful time of the year for any athlete, even more so than the Games (I think) – but the benefits to training for the variance that you will see at the Games year round are innumerable. Especially with the way that Regionals are heading, it seems, in terms of programming.


Thanks for sharing your experiences Tim, best to you and yours in all that you do. ~ TRUEFORM


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