8 Training Tools for 2018

January 18, 2018



“The idea that the harder you work, the better you’re going to be is just garbage. The greatest improvement is made by the man or woman who works most intelligently.” ~ Bill Bowerman


In addition to the TRUEFORM RUNNER, here are some of our favorite "intelligent" training tools that keep us training better.

1. GVert - wearable movement tracker

  • Total energy exerted

  • Total stress of the run

  • Stress per split

  • GPS capabilities to track distance, speed, & and pace

2. Barefoot Science - foot strengthening insoles

  • increases arch stability

  • improves proprioception (foot-sense) 

3. WHOOP - recovery tracker

  • measures physiological markers for performance readiness

  • calculates needed recovery

4. Injinji Socks - socks with toe splay

  • benefits of a sock without any compressive forces on the toes which can impair foot function

    • thermal layer

    • skin protection

      • abrasion prevention

      • moisture management

5. Minimal Shoes - simply put by Vivobarefoot...

  • the lighter the shoe the less likely movement is impaired

  • the thinner the shoe the more feet can sense the ground


6. XOSKIN Apparel - highest rate base layer

  • reduces body heat by decreasing the skin to fabric friction

  • moves moisture faster causing the fabric and skin to stay dryer and cooler

  • reduces odor causing bacteria while helping to promote skin wellness with ionic copper technology


7. Correct Toes - silicon toe spreaders made for movement 

  • aligns toes improving balance and stability

  • strengthens muscles throughout the foot and lower leg

  • restores foot function and relieves foot pain.

8. Your brain


While the TRUEFORM RUNNER and all of these products can significantly improve your performance and training management, none are a substitute for your own intuition. We want to utilize training tools to enable function without becoming dependent on the tool itself for the function. Ideally, at some point all of these tools can be removed, and your own intuition and body will govern performance and training management without any loss of function. 


Check out our training videos to learn more!



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