Coffee & Caffeine: How to use it to your advantage

February 10, 2019

Now you may think you know how coffee works.


Wake up, fill your mug, sip, and come alive.


But does is really work like that? Or do you still feel groggy hours later? Maybe even needing a second, or forth cup, after lunch?


It could be because your body already has a process for waking you up and it doesn’t get along with caffeine.


You see when you first wake up; your cortisol levels are shooting through the roof.  


Cortisol has many functions, but one of them is to help the body use the stored sugar (glucose) and fat for energy. This new energy your body has created is plenty to get you through your morning ritual and even to early afternoon if not later.


But because caffeine and cortisol don’t get along, what drinking coffee right when you wake up does is dilutes the effects of the caffeine.


Eventually, you build up a tolerance to the caffeine and then you’ll have to drink more and more coffee to get going. 


Also causing dehydrating, digestive, and sleep issues to name a few. 


Your best bet is to create a new morning ritual. Upgrading your performance for the rest of the day.


So here is what you’re going to do:


  1. Wake up (easier said then done)

  2. Quickly (please don’t choke) drink 16-20 ounces of water. You’re dehydrated after 8 plus Hours of sleep. This burst of water will hydrate you and fire up your metabolism furthering the waking process.

  3. Be productive. Take the time get the annoying emails out of the way, read a chapter of a book, workout, etc.

  4. After about an hour go at it with a nice cup of coffee.  

  5. If you like to have multiple cups, you do you, just try to limit the caffeine after 3pm so that it doesn’t start to affect your sleep.


It would be amazing if cortisol and caffeine worked in harmony to get you at your best, but unfortunately they don’t.


So, listen to your body.


If your current coffee routine is causing problems, time to change it up.


Small changes can add up to a big difference.




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