May 26, 2017

Ultra light, ultra flexible, ultra thin, ultra flat, ultra wide toe get the point. In every aspect, the third generation Vapor Glove by Merrell is truly ultra minimal. I have owned the first and second generations and they did not disappoint, but the latest edition feels like it will make for the best ride yet. However, all too often shoe makers produce a shoe that feels outstanding and then they make unnecessary additions or subtractions to the design in later editions

that alter the feel and ruin it. This is NOT the case with the third generation Vapor Glove. Merrell has identified the weaknesses of the previous generations (which were in categories of durability, comfort, and appeal) and made only the corresponding adjustments to those weaknesses in design. WOW! Novel idea, right? No gimmicks, just practical changes, well done Merrell!


At just over 6oz in size 11, the Vapor Glove is one of the lightest minimal shoes on the market. Even with the reinforced sidewalls, tongue & lacing system, and heel cup, it still feels feather light. There is a slight decrease in flexibility of the upper because of the increase in durability, but not enough of a change to alter the core feel of the shoe. I took it for a quick ride on the TRUEFORM to feel the differences in sizing in relation to previous generations. I am happy to say, the sizing has not changed. 

 select foot shaped shoes to avoid deformity of the toe joints

I highly recommend this shoe for anyone who enjoyed generations one or two of the Vapor Glove. Furthermore, for people adapted to minimal shoes, the Vapor Glove 3 will serve well on roads, indoor surfaces, and track & fields. I intend on utilizing them for running, walking, weightlifting, and hiking. If you're not familiar with minimal shoes and would like to learn more visit our training page and watch the video The Evolution of Shoes. Other great resources to understand how all shoes are not created equally and why our feet need healthy shoes checkout:


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