When training with TRUEFORM, the goal is healthy running. We train the pain out of running because by nature running should not be painful. The "no pain, no gain" and "always high intensity" approaches have little physiological benefit in optimizing running ability. In fact these approaches have the opposite effect long term, causing running to be painful and/or suck. Contrary to these trendy approaches, training with TRUEFORM focuses on what has always been scientifically the best approach in optimizing running ability: #1 - run slow to get fast, and #2 - eat a diet rich in good fats, good proteins, & good carbohydrates. For many this will be a diet higher in fat and lower in carbohydrate than the conventional western diet. Within the context of our workouts, there are three primary components; running skill, running endurance, & running strength. Some workouts will hit all three, others may utilize two, and some will focus solely on one. Are you ready to finally train health into your running? Let's GO!

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